How I Got Over (HIGO) vividly depicts the faith that has maintained and strengthened the black community through the generations. Beginning in Africa, How I Got Over takes the audience on a journey, through dance and song, amidst the decades of cultural turmoil (i.e. captivity and civil rights movement) and ends in the present day. The dance and song that comprises this work centers on the overt spirituality that is thefoundation of black life, for it is truly how we got over.  

Trying to wrap my head around the genius and gift of God to create and execute such an impactful, complex, intriguing, entertaining, scholarly, insightful, exalting, profoundly artistic ministry production. Bravo! Absolutely phenomenal"              

Phyllis Lipford, Cleveland OH 

"Amazing show - what an incredible journey. Very moving, spiritual, and artistically tight. Congratulations!                 

David Tabor, Cleveland Heights, OH

'I laughed, cried, was proud, was made angry by the civil rights denied, etc.etc.--This is a wonderful production and I hope that it is repeated as I've been telling my friends and family what a glorious they they missed."              

Marvelous Baker, Cleveland, OH

 "It was WONDERFUL!!! VERY well done. Life Renewal Ministry team and friends enjoyed it and were blessed! Thank you"                   

Barb Bartrug, Director Life Renewal Ministry

 Speechless! Phenomenal performances! In complete awe! "Superb! If you can get there tomorrow, please do. Errin Berry's vision is magnific'"  

Phyllis Lipford, Cleveland OH 

"Cried during the entire first act. Such amazing talent and emotion on stage. Thank you for sharing your gifts and telling our                                                                                              story"                                                                                       

Shanelle Marie, Highland Hills OH

"HIGO really impacted my life in a major way. Not only was it exciting, but it was also a learning experience. From the beginning to the end, the process was amazing. I grew a lot just being in that environment for an entire summer. I can't wait to jump back in it again. Spiritually and physically, my body went through positive changes. I can't wait until I can do it again and experience the process again."   

Chris Spellman, Dancer

To bring the production of "How I Got Over" to your city, contact errinministries@gmail.com