When I first started choreography for a praise dance ministry, I had never seen praise dance done at other churches and really did not know what I was doing. What I did know is that God was using me. Over the years, I have learned so much (some lessons painstakingly). So it is here that I offer my sound advice from twelve years in the trenches. (smile)


Take class often and much. Yes, this means secular dance people, not just praise dance classes or workshops. I have found the more I take class, the more comfortable I become with movement. The more I experience different styles and genres of dances, the more extensive my movement vocabulary becomes.

Carefully select your music. Just because it is popular at the time, or your "song," does not mean it is right for your ministry engagement. Search and pray for music that will make an impact and will be a welcomed addition to your worship service or engagement.

Be creative. Discover ways to send a clear and direct message to onlookers. Rather than just dancing on top or with the music, say something. Enhance what has already been set forth.

Be patient. The concept may not come to you right away. Avoid being in such a hurry that you do not hear God's voice. What starts as one piece, can completely evolve to another if you let God take the lead.


Pray, pray, and did I say pray? Ask and seek after God to guide you throughout the process and to have His way within and through it. The difference between dance and praise dance is God. Include Him in the process.

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