Errin is available to assist you and your ministry with the creation of choreography. Choreography can be taught either on site at your location, via DVD or via YouTube. 

There are many things that must be considered when determining a reasonable fee for choreography: Number of participants, skill level of the dancers,the number of sections of choreography, location, travel expenses, elements in the routine, and length of the piece.
  1. Have at least three different selections for Errin’s consideration. It is up to the Holy Spirit to make the selection of which piece is to be choreographed.
  2. Send or upload a video that most closely shows the current skill level of your dancer
  3. Participate in a consultation where Errin will explain the concept for the choreography, suggest props and map out a plan.
  4. Choreography fee includes one session of 2-4 hrs on site teaching. An additional session on site can be arranged for blocking, spacing and cleaning. Travel expenses are in addition to any on site session.
  5. It is possible to arrange for blocking, spacing and cleaning to be done via YouTube at no additional cost.
  6. It is not Errin’s responsibility to make sure that all the members can learn or comprehend the material as it is being taught. It is up to the ministry leader to decide how the members who may be having difficulty learn the material. There should be enough ministry leaders in attendance to help the dancers learn the choreography as it is being taught.
  7. It is the responsibility of the ministry leadership to lead rehearsals and to seek clarification and direction as needed.
  8. The dancers should be prepared with the basic fundamentals and prepare at the highest level of their abilities prior to their choreography session. It may be necessary to arrange a separate session the evening prior to the choreography session that focuses only on technique.  

    To schedule a consultation or for additional information, please contact 
    ErrinMinistries@gmail.com or click here