Dance and ministry training for dancers and worshippers of all skill levels. Instruction in African, Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Flags and Banners and Choreography. Take your ministry and praise to another level. Classes taught in a loving, supportive environment by leaders who are active in ministry.


"Today was exhausting, amazing, overwhelming and purpose-filled all at the same time! I pushed myself even when my body was screaming to stop. I'm so excited for what God has in store!!!" Ayanna Vaughn, Dancer

"The outpouring of love and praise is definitely what our community needs. I pray that the Lord protects and covers each of your ministries in Jesus name. Continue to let him use you how he wants to use you. Today was intense, but all together amazing!"  Deja Foster, Dancer

Errin Ministries is truly God's excellence! In 2013, I participated in a life changing experience, the How I Got Over production (HIGO). As a praise dancer at local churches I felt as if a production of this magnitude would have been out of my reach. However, HIGO gave me the opportunity to improve my skills, learn from highly trained dancers and holistically grow as an individual, dancer and worshipper! The production was more than just a show, it was ministry. Every practice was heartfelt, unique and intense. Culturally, we went through a journey of our ancestors and our faith. The instructors utilized historical facts, testimonials and movement to teach us how to make a connection with the purpose of the production! It became a journey that ran parallel to my individual life. I started out trying to depict a journey and soon became engrossed in my own journey! HIGO shifted my dance, my mind and my spirit! I met so many individuals of various ages, backgrounds, lifestyles and faiths and yet we were all on one accord! The practices were ministry, the instruction was ministry, the production was ministry and we as a group became ministry! The journey was what made us and the final HIGO performances were the manifestation of how we got over! It was truly one of the best opportunities I have ever been afforded and my children and I have been forever changed! HIGO pushed me to experience dance and God in a way I have never imagined! I still have relationships with the fellow dancers and remember the training I received from some of the best praise and worship dancers in the country! HIGO was God sent and will continue to be a life changing experience. Kodi Pride, Dancer